Learning Programming – Some Good Advice for Beginners

Often I come across good advice for beginning programmers and share them here. Here are  5 great articles by Alex published on Cprogamming.com. While some of this advice is general (to many compiled languages) some of them are specific to C.

5 Ways You can Learn Programming Faster has some good advice.

Learning to program isn’t something you can do in an afternoon, but it doesn’t have to be a life’s work, either. There are lots of things you can do to make it easier on yourself when you are learning to program.

The 5 Most Common Problems New Programmers Face–And How You Can Solve Them

When you’re just starting out with programming, it’s easy to run into problems that make you wonder how anyone has ever managed to write a computer program. But the fact is, just about everyone else who’s learned to code has had that experience and wondered the same thing, when they were starting out.

From 8 Common Programming Mistakes

Learning to program can be tough–just ask anyone who’s done it! Fortunately, a lot of problems happen over and over again–I’ve put together 8 of the most common problems that you’ll run into as a new programmer.

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